Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG)

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur has instituted the Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) to produce and encourage top-quality academic research and to promote dialogue in the academic and business communities on corporate governance issues.


To become a premier Centre of Excellence in Research, Teaching, Training and Advocacy in the field of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through creation and dissemination of knowledge and provide policy support to government, regulators, professional and industry bodies on Corporate Governance and CSR.


Examine and identify the contemporary corporate governance challenges and develop sustainable governance models which protect and promote the long term interest of different stakeholders.


  • To conduct research, analyze the trends and come up with meaningful conclusions and recommendations in the area of Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • To examine critically the developments in the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance in India and abroad.
  • To study board practices in closely held family business companies, promoter controlled large listed companies, government controlled public sector companies and other corporate entities.
  • To provide expert advice on issues relating to governance of public organizations.
  • To establish collaborations with various research agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and practitioners in India and abroad.
  • To organize national / international conferences, seminars in Corporate Governance, CSR and Business Ethics.
  • To provide policy support in the area of corporate legislation and regulation.
  • To disseminate the knowledge in the area of Corporate Governance and CSR by partnering with reputed National & International Universities, Institutions, Centers of Learning, Research Agencies, Chambers of Commerce engaged in similar activities.

  • Research and Publications                                          
  • Organizing Conferences / Seminars / Panel discussion
  • Training and Development of Executives and Directors                                           
  • Consultancy Services

    Faculty Associated with the CCG

  • Prof. Shiv Nath Sinha (Co-ordinator)
  • Prof. Jaganath Mohanty
  • Prof. Hanish Rajpal

Prof. Shiv Nath Sinha (Coordinator)
Phone: +91-712- 2805117
Email: snsinha@imtnag.ac.in