Frost 'N' Fun

We are not a committee, we are not a forum; we are a student organization. 'Frost n Fun' (popularly known as "FnF") has been involved in fast food business from its genesis. We learn what is in the books practically. We develop entrepreneurs, we envelop intellectuals. We believe in head work and hard work. FnF has set an example of being the most efficient and automated system of working within the campus constrains. We generate the most happening atmosphere in the campus. We have moved on from just being a mere food centre to a well established brand. FnF has involved itself in organizing camp fires in association with the music forum of the college and has also had its stalls in the national level fests organized in the college. FnF got a pat on its back from the founder of the famous "The Breakfast Story", Mr. Mukul Kulkarni, for running a scintillating show in the campus. We the followers of our dreams, we are the followers of our passion; we are "The FnF". Oh did we mention that we have a pool table too? Yeah, "we take care of your midnight munchies and fun time too."