Hypnotics’ – The Dance Forum

The newest forum amongst all, ’Hypnotics’-The Dance forum of IMT-N, where students can showcase their talents and at the same time live their passion towards the art of dance. The forum consists of talents representing all forms of dance, from classical to modern day hip-hop. In the recent past we have organized the first ever IMT-Nagpur’s very own rain dance for the student managers. We also co-ordinated with Zimfonia in association with Spic Macay on Indian classical musical events. Encouraging new talents with the blend of team work to get an act performed on various platforms is our main focus. Being the youngest forum amongst all the others, Hypnotics has a long way to go on this important phase of growth. Our performance speaks for ourselves and unity in our team is one aspect we believe in. There are various upcoming exciting events lined up in the near future which is focused on management student learning blended with the art of dance.