As a manager we are embraced with choices leading to decision making. A worldlier, holistic experience is provided through the fresh breath of air which is literature.

Literati as the name suggests is a forum for the road less travelled. It's an emerging platform to express, discuss, elaborate on many central themes which are a hurdle in the realistic cut-throat competition of today. Knowledge and information works more beneficially in a two-way medium where it is exposed in the best of abilities. The corporate jargons of empathy, leadership, contexts are more defined and restructured in simpler day to day words through the amorous creative streak exhibited by student managers.

Literati - the literature forum of IMT Nagpur aims at providing the student managers a totally different perspective of this world with a tinge of literature. The forum organises a motley of events like War of Forums, Poetry Night, Chutzpah(the creative mind bender) and many more, to enhance the enthralling view of the students. Literati floats InfoNewsLine once a week to the students to enrich the general awareness of the student managers. Literati is a forum known for its creativity and for providing quirky experience to student managers.