About Marque

Understanding customer value, learning about the 4 P's, trying to remember the 4 C's, deciphering STP, etc. This is the knowledge that you gain by making sure you reach class on time. So you ask what Marque- IMT Nagpur's Marketing Forum offers and what value does it create?

Marque offers you the opportunity to bring all that you learn inside those 4 walls and apply it out in the world where walls are non-existent. Marque provides the students with a platform to not only gain information but also experience all the highs and lows of a promotional campaign. What worked and what didn't?

The forum conducts various events over the course of an academic year such as crosswords, quizzes, contests all of which incorporate different aspects of marketing.

Marque also organises workshops, where some of the best professionals of the industry are invited to share their experiences and allow future managers a peek into the world of marketing that they will be entering.

And that is all the information about Marque, that's fit to be published!

Marquepedia, the Annual Marketing Conclave of IMT-Nagpur, acts as a platform for future managers to interact with stalwarts from the industry. It is also a medium to test their knowledge through case studies, quizzes and other fun filled events. This would include guest lectures, workshops, a panel discussion, and marketing related games along with the guidance of industry experts in the field of marketing. Marquepedia links the real and current marketing scenarios with predefined marketing concepts and models.


The theme for this year's conclave revolves around the evolution of marketing from traditional media to digital media. The marketing world is seeing a paradigm shift, in the sense of whether digital marketing is overtaking the more traditional forms of marketing. While one side believes that digital marketing is the future, there are those who believe that while, traditional marketing still provides them with the best possible avenue to reach out to the masses. Marketers attention is turning to optimizing every ad spend dollar to maximize reach and ultimately, return on investment. Hence the debates rage on whether a company needs to purely focus on digital marketing to reach out to its audience, whether traditional media still holds the baton, or maybe the answer to the question lies somewhere in the middle?