Okonomos, the Business and Economics Forum of IMT Nagpur, aims at adding value to a student manager's life by creating interest in insipid economics concepts. It takes initiative to comprehend the conundrum of economic theory and reality learned as part of the course curriculum at IMT. We do this by organizing guest lectures, budgetary discussions, publishing monthly newsletters, peer to peer learning exercises, fun and learning oriented academic games. It also aims at promoting interest among the student managers in their day to day happenings and inter-disciplinary interactions, all of which are valuable in a business environment. Other events conducted this year includes Potternomics, Caribbean Merchants, Guest lecture, Power Point Clash and Battle-o-corona.

Major events that we conduct are:

1. Eco-No-Phobia :- Informal doubt clearing sessions to help students with their doubts in Economics through peer to peer learning.

2. The Okonomist : - Monthly newsletter published with articles on global occurrences, news analysis from the business and financial world, linking and explaining them through concepts studied in classrooms.