Dr. K. Nilakantan


Operations and Quantitative Methods Associate Dean (Research & PhD Committee)

Area Chairperson (Operations)

Email (@imtnag.ac.in) :  knilakantan

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D. (Management Studies) in 1991 from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
  • M.S. (Mathematics), in 1993 from University of South Florida, USA.
  • B. Tech (Chemical Engineering) in 1976 from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras .

Work Experience : 30 years (Academics - 21 yrs + Industry - 09 yrs)

  • Professor - Operations, Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur since Nov 2005.
  • Associate Professor - Operations Research and Mathematical Modelling, N.I.T.IE. (1995 -2005)
  • Assistant Professor - (Operations Management), Institute of Rural Management, Anand (1994 -1995).
  • Mathematics Instructor - Dept. of Mathematics, Univ. of South Florida, U.S.A (1991-1994).
  • Faculty Member - Dept of Management Studies, BITS, Pilani (1986 -1987).
  • Teachnical Consulting Officer - Corporation Bank (1983 -1986).
  • Technical Services Engineer - Indianoil Corprn (1977 -1983).


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Conference Papers

  • An Optimal Control Approach to Production-inventory Systems, National Conference on Agricultural Management Systems, National Academy for Agricultural Research & Management, Hyderabad, Dec. 2000.
  • 'Length of Service Distributions in Proportionality Models of Markov Manpower Systems', presented at IIM Ahmedabad, National Conference on 'Stochastic Models in Management Science', IIM Ahmedabad, Jan. 1990.
  • 'A Proportionality Model of Markov Manpower Systems' presented at the Operations Research Society of India, International Conference on 'O.R. in Industries', IIT Kharagpur, December, 1989.
  • A Control Model for Production Systems', International Conference on System Dynamics, IIT Kharagpur, Dec. 1998.
  • 'Production-Inventory Management - A System-Dynamic Approach', International Conference on Operations Management, IIM B'lore, Dec. 1998.

Area of Interests

Operations Management, Optimal Control Application, Dynamic Modelling.

Contact Us

Phone No.: +91-712-2805118
Email (@imtnag.ac.in): knilakantan