Faculty Exchange


It takes talent to nurture talent. IMT Nagpurís strong faculty base of over 50 thought leaders thrives on generously sharing their knowledge and experiences so as to cultivate better managers, people who understand their chosen fields completely. At the end of their course, every IMT Nagpur student blossoms into an expert. One of the strongest assets of IMT, the faculty pool comprises of PhDs from top-notch institutes, seasoned business leaders, policy makers and administrators. Since the faculty at IMT, Nagpur has vast experience from some of the leading corporate houses or B-Schools across the world, they bring depth of knowledge and experience with them which gives our students the edge in todayís competitive world.

Our faculties have presented papers at international conferences and seminars with ground breaking theories that have been applauded globally. More than 20% of IMT Nagpurís teachers come from countries outside India, giving students higher levels of international exposure on campus. The program in collaboration with the partner institutes of IMT was launched to enable the faculty of all partner B-Schools to visit each otherís campuses and share their diverse experiences with the students. Since its beginning International Relations Committee of IMT, Nagpur has successfully organized many exchanges which include both incoming and outgoing faculty exchanges. Our faculties have taught on exchange in many prominent B-schools like Saint Mary's University, Philippines, Hochschule Offenburg -Gengenbach campus, Charles Darwin University, Australia, Burgundy School of Business, Dijon-Paris, France. Also some of the B-Schools from where faculty visited our campus include Kasetsart University, Thailand, Ruppin's Academic Center, Israel, Saint Mary's University, Philippines. Needless to say, exposure to different working ethics and conditions make MBA education more wholesome and globally integrated. IMT, Nagpur, has an enviable global network of faculty from across all continents, and we continue to add more to the network. We leverage this linkage to create an environment that nurtures educators, enables them to focus on research and promotes out-of-the box delivery systems.

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