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  • Aishwarya Gupta

"IMT Nagpur readies us for real life," says alumnus Aishwarya Gupta, PGDM Batch- 2008

An MBA for Aishwarya Gupta was a career move. It was more than a mere stepping stone into a profession. Her stint at IMT Nagpur transformed her life. During her B-School education, she learnt a lot more than mere academics. "It also taught how to respond to any new phase/situation in life. How to use opportunities, manage everyday work and people. Most important of all I learnt to make critical decisions during pressure situations. A career is made to earn money but, with my MBA I have learned a lesson for life," Gupta says.

Today, Aishwarya Gupta works as a Marketing Associate with Grail Research. At IMT, we were getting ready to face the corporate world every second. Not just through classroom lectures but also during interactions with peers and seniors. The Nagpur campus had become our home and we realized how much we missed it only after we left for our homes," this graduate remembers, nostalgically.

On the IMT campus, she learnt to live with different people, belonging to different cultures, temperaments and backgrounds. This experience prepared her for the situation at work. "We come across different people who are good and not so good to you. We work with them and try to reach to a solution acceptable to all," Gupta realized. The key to getting along, she found is compromise. A few other important lessons were to get things done and handle pressure. These lessons will always stay with her.

A career in Market Research and Consulting needs persistence and deep diving into the subject. "There are no short cuts in this field," Gupta cautions aspiring Market Research professionals. "You need to be insightful in your research. Just presenting the facts will not be enough." Besides, being a good observer and a good listener are definite added advantages. Besides this, there are those rare occasions that demand for teams to stay on the job for as long as 48 hours. A Market Research professional needs to be prepared for such times.

Today, Gupta has a team of five people reporting to her and is an expert at multi tasking. "I reach office before 10am in the morning," she says. Her work day involves looking at accumulated mails, delegating work to her group; discuss approaches with every member before they begin working. "I provide the necessary inputs and keep checking in with them at small intervals, answer their queries, quality check all the deliverables and send them before leaving for the day." Her typical work day ends at 7 pm.

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