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  • Anchal Sharma

"The level of trust in your batch-mates is something that helps you even when you move on."

Anchal Sharma always had a problem of plenty; through school, college. and life in general because Anchal has always been multi- talented. For people like Anchal, it is always a difficult decision to choose one avenue over the many that are available to them. The phenomenon followed her even when she cleared CAT, and converted quite a few topnotch B-schools. She finally zeroed in on IMT Nagpur.

"The MBA programme at IMT Nagpur is completely residential, which helped me a lot. Since the pedagogy revolved around continuous evaluation, there was no scope for a laid back attitude of 'achcha aaj nahi kal kar lengey'. At IMT Nagpur you stop fearing tests as they are so frequent, and a lot depends on continuous classroom participation. But one aspect of IMT Nagpur which is of great help to me today is group dynamics. Since most of our evaluation was done as a group, being a team player was absolutely critical at IMT Nagpur; and it was not just in academics. We knew that the IMT Nagpur campus was our home for the next two years, and people inside were our family. So the level of trust in your batch-mates is something that helps you even when you move on."

Out of all the things at IMT Nagpur, she misses music the most. As a part of the college band and the music forum 'Zimfonia', she was quite a livewire on the IMT Nagpur campus. She acknowledges the fact that at a certain level, all that creativity at IMT Nagpur does come handy in her current job as a Senior Account Executive with the Marketing Communication giant, McCann Worldgroup. She handles mega-brands like Nestle, where the only way forward is a proactive approach.

Her KRA involves dealing with different departments internally - like the creative department and the planning division - and externally with the client. If there is a campaign running, then she has to manage external agencies, like the digital arm handling the social media and branding, and the event management company handling the on-ground activation of the brand as well.

"There is a lot of application of what was learnt in IMT Nagpur. You've got to work around a team to successfully handle an account. There are times when you cannot voice your opinion to the client. It does get tough, especially since you've learnt the same management fundas. But then, that is the learning. No job is a 'perfect 10' job and no industry is a 'perfect 10'. As long as you know that it is a part of your ascent to greater heights, it's fine."

You can't help but admire Anchal Sharma's focus.

"I'd like to tell my juniors at IMT Nagpur that they shouldn't let their energy go haywire by saying to themselves that they can do everything at once. I can tell you out of personal experience that it gets you nowhere. Sometimes it is hard to channelise energies in many fields. It's always better to focus on one goal, attain that and then move ahead to the next."

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