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  • Ankit Sheth

'When was the last time you did something for the first time?' asks Ankit to his young IMT friends

Back in 2007, Ankit Sheth realised that his career was not going at a pace and in a direction that he would like it to. Talks of a global recession were in the air, and Ankit realised that it was the best time to realign his career with his aspirations. His CAT performance landed him in one of the fastest growing B-schools in India - IMT Nagpur.

"When I entered IMT Nagpur, the global economy was dipping into a recession, and by the time I finished my PG in Business Management in 2010, things were looking up again. In hindsight, the 2 years at IMT Nagpur were one of the best things that happened to me."

Ankit's specialisation in Finance and Marketing at IMT Nagpur led to a steep climb up the corporate ladder. He is currently an Assistant Vice President with the State Bank of India. He is placed in SBI's Operations Department of the Personal Banking Business Unit in Mumbai.

"My job involves a lot of intra-department and inter-department co-ordination, various analytical studies covering the Retail Loans and the Non-Performing Assets, reviews with the Retail Banking officials located at the Local Head Offices across the country, and monthly performance reviews that are presented to the Top Management of the Bank. Compliance with the action points that arise, as well as policies laid out by the Ministry of Finance form an important part of my mandate."

Ankit believes that this upswing in his career graph is because of his ability to multi-task and good interpersonal skills; both of which he honed at IMT Nagpur.

"Master these skills and they will go a long way in expanding not only your professional sphere of influence, but the personal sphere as well. In fact, IMT Nagpur is the right place to sharpen your interpersonal skills, as you will have to work with people with different temperaments, mindsets and backgrounds as compared to yours. It is the same case in the corporate world."

Talk to him about IMT Nagpur, and that faraway look creeps into his eyes. Hardly does a day go by when he is not reminded of how his batch of 2008-10 lived it up at IMT Nagpur.

"The impromptu excursions into the scenic and untouched country-side, the "terrace" parties that lasted till the crack of dawn, the rush of assignments and exams. and the party after they were over; we, as a batch, always stood up together in one voice for what we believed was right. The entire journey through IMT Nagpur can be described in one expression - 'Wow!' We all owe a special thanks to our warden at the time, Professor Pradeep Mazumdar. Thank you, Sir, for everything!"

Ankit advises his young friends at IMT Nagpur to always ask themselves 'When was the last time you did something for the first time', and live each day at IMT Nagpur to the fullest; not to restrict themselves to classes and assignments only, but explore the amazing IMT Nagpur ecosystem. "A lot is there to learn from things that are around you."

"Picture this - you are 35 kms from the nearest concrete jungle - a group of about 600 students and faculty alike - on a campus that is located in the lap of nature, completely undisturbed, and yet quite alive with the campus buzz. IMT Nagpur is your perfect location for a think-tank, a centre for innovation where ideas are born, which I feel is the need of the hour, as nobody is thinking out of the box."

Ankit Sheth feels that the placement scenario has definitely improved from what it was during the economic downturn of 2008-09, and is likely to get better with FDI in multi-brand retail, aviation, broadcasting and power sectors. With a brand like IMT Nagpur behind them, he feels that students need hardly worry about placements. "Work on your skill sets and attitude and success will be all yours, unfailingly" advices Ankit smilingly.

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