• Imtn alumni

  • Bhavik Dhanki

"We had the most profound experiences at IMT Nagpur."

It was his last day in the IMT Nagpur campus. With his bags packed, Bhavit Dhanki was all ready to leave, but not ready to say goodbye to his alma mater. He had no idea when he would get a chance to visit IMT Nagpur again. When he reached the main gate, he turned to take a look at the 27 acres stretched before him for the last time. the two amazing years had passed by in a flash.

"That moment is still so fresh in my memory that it seems just like yesterday," recalls Bhavit Dhanki. "The two years in IMT Nagpur were the best years of my life. We were the first batch at IMT Nagpur; What I say can only be understood by my friends from the first batch. The feeling of being the first to step in is always different, always unique by nature."

After his graduation, Bhavit worked with ICICI Bank for over a year. He soon realised the importance of a higher education. He saw his seniors, who didn't have a PG degree, opt for part-time MBA programmes.

"In the corporate world, when you've reached a certain level, a degree becomes one of the factors for further promotions. I applied to all the top-rated institutes and was shortlisted by three of them for interview. I finally chose IMT Nagpur for its amazing legacy and placements."

A Specialist in MBA (Global), Bhavit Dhanki is currently a Deputy Manager, Corporate Sales, at Future Generali India Insurance. He works on building the corporate clients' base and also servicing existing clients, occasionally accompanying some of his sales team members on client calls.

"Even after spending six years in this industry I feel that what I know is just a drop in this endless ocean. My biggest challenge is to provide satisfying solutions to my clients who have different requirements. No two clients will have the same need for insurance and I have to provide them all with a customised solution to suit their needs."

Bhavit observes that there is very little to choose from, in terms of the kind of products in the insurance domain. It is the ability of the sales team and their command over the subject, which gives the insurance company an edge over the competition.

He believes patience is the name of the game; something which IMT Nagpur taught him and now it comes to him by default.

"It gives me great happiness to see the IMT Nagpur campus growing and developing state-of-the-art infrastructure for the students, with some of the most distinguished academics as its faculty members. The college is in news almost every second day for its ever evolving innovations and new approaches towards management education."

Bhavit Dhanki points out that with time, the alumni of IMT Nagpur have grown into a potent network. He is confident that the day is not far when IMT Nagpur will be one of the most preferred destinations for corporate placements globally.

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