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  • Rajat Gautam

"Team skills, time management, timely achieving deadlines were aspects that I could only learn at IMT Nagpur."

'Ohrwurm' is German for 'Earworm'. It signifies a particular song or tune which seems to be stuck 24x7 in your head. 'How often English falls woefully short of explaining a fairly commonplace experience', wonders Rajat Gautam as he enters his plush corporate office sharp at 9.30 AM on Monday morning. The Ohrwurm in his head these days is a line from the Bryan Adams classic 'Summer of '69'. For some unknown reason ' those were the best days of my life' seem to be going round and round in his mind, taking him back to his days at IMT Nagpur. With an Olympian effort, he turns down the volume of the song in his head. It's time for the morning meeting.

Over the next few hours, Mr. Rajat Gautam, Chief Manager, Trade & Forex Services, Kotak Mahindra Bank, takes over completely; exchanging mails, taking stock of all Forex transactions for the day with his team, zipping across the NCR for a power lunch with a prospective client, reviewing the progress on the international stocks and if scheduled, Product Training for Branch and Sales staff. Sales are driven by revenues earned and targets achieved - something that Mr. Gautam reviews at the end of every day with his team. After ensuring that the targets set for the day have been met, Mr. Gautam steps out of his office at 7 PM.. and allows his Ohrwurm to return.

"Even after 6 years of passing out of IMT Nagpur, the images of those days are clear as crystal in my mind. IMT Nagpur holds a special place in the hearts of our entire batch. After all, we were its first-borns. We meet often but due to lack of time we are not able to visit the campus. I wish IMT Nagpur serves us a fait accompli, gives us the much needed shot in the arm, an excuse, or even a reason like guest lectures or a formal platform, where we are called upon to share our experiences in the corporate world with our younger colleagues at IMT Nagpur."

His words conjure up images of intense class-room sessions, passionate canteen debates, college fests and the celebration of student life. which is what IMT Nagpur is all about.

"I still remember the day I met my would-be wife on the IMT Nagpur campus. She was a year junior at IMT Nagpur. We've been happily married for over 4 years now."

The campus placement at IMT Nagpur led him to a highly specialised division of the Centurion Bank of Punjab in Mumbai - International Trade. Rajat recalls the systematic guidance and free sharing of knowledge of his Supervisor there, which helped him understand the products before entering the market.

"Thereafter, I moved to Delhi with HDFC Bank and was there till June '12, before shifting to Kotak. All my Team skills, my penchant for time management and for achieving deadlines were honed in IMT Nagpur. I like the dynamic nature of my job. I meet new people every day, keep abreast with the latest guidelines and circulars and get to do newer transactions for my clients. International Trade is changing everyday. It's the ideal place for the compulsive learner in me."

That is why Rajat wears his success lightly. He was not unduly impressed when he was declared the highest revenue earner for his department for 2 consecutive years in HDFC Bank. Rajat knows the obsolescence rate in fast-changing markets is very high. Learning, unlearning and relearning is the only way to do newer and better things; something that IMT Nagpur taught him a long time ago.

Ohrwurms are supposed to be irritants, but Rajat is happy with 'those were the best days of my life'. It sounds like a thumping chorus from all his batchmates who were there with him at IMT Nagpur.

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