Alumni Committee
The IMTN Alumni Committee provides a myriad range of services, resources and opportunities including chapter meets, reunion events, alumni/student programs, and access to the online alumni directory. Read More..
Campus Oxygen (CO2)
Campus Oxygen (CO2), a reverberating voice in the campus, is a student driven entrepreneurship which aims at providing full-fledged laundry service i.e. washing and drying to the students living away from the comforts of home and city life, while on campus. Read More..
CCIZ-The Centre for Corporate Governance
CCiz, the centre for corporate governance, IMT Nagpur believes in giving back to the society. It strives to bring smiles on the faces of needy people. Read More..
Corporate Communication Committee
Corporate communications committee performs pivotal role of connecting IMT Nagpur to the outside world. Read More..
Corporate Interaction Committee (CIC)
Corporate Interaction Committee (CIC) at IMT Nagpur, initiated prominence ofhands-on, practicallearning, thekeystone of the Management Programmes offered here.Read More..
Centre for Sustainability, Growth and Development is a Centre of Excellence currently operational at IMT Nagpur.Read More..
Cyclops, the operations forum of IMT Nagpur, aims at adding value to the field of Operations Management by encouraging excellence. In order to achieve its aim the forum imparts the practical knowledge of operations. Read More..
Finaholics - Finance Forum
It is an interactive student forum taking the learning of Finance outside the classroom. Acknowledging the need for strong finance fundamentals, this forum adds knowledge and skills through activities Read More..
Frost 'N' Fun
Opened in 2010, Frost 'N' Fun (FnF) is a quick service Food Café and Pool Center run by a team of highly motivated student managers. Read More..
Hypnotics – The Dance Forum
The newest forum amongst all, ’Hypnotics’-The Dance forum of IMT-N, where students can showcase their talents and at the same time live their passion towards the art of dance. The forum consists of talents representing all forms of dance, from classical to modern day hip-hop. Read More..
A business school brings about the holistic development of student managers into effective business minds. To reach the goal, stress management is the key and entertainment is the performance enhancer. Read More..
International Relations Committee
Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur being an established national B-School is now building its repute towards a globally recognised institute and to achieve this feat the institute has tied-up with various renowned universities across the globe. Read More..
The student managers of Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur formed IMPRINT, the photography club to capture all the unsaid and unseen tales of the campus. Read More..
imtnagpu_ecell - Entrepreneurship Cell
imtnagpu_ecell, the entrepreneurship cell of IMT Nagpur aims to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship lying in the hearts of the student managers. Read More..
Literature adds a perspective to your life in a way that's prettier and merrier. It carries you to a different world. After the hustle - bustle of the technicality of MBA, it's literature that takes a manager's mind to serenity. Read More..
Marque Committee
Understanding customer value, learning about the 4 P's, trying to remember the 4 C's, deciphering STP, etc. This is the knowledge that you gain by making sure you reach class on time. So you ask what Marque- IMT Nagpur's Marketing Forum offers and what value does it create? Read More..
Mess Committee
He Mess Committee of IMT Nagpur is intended to plan, organize and overlook functioning of the student mess and canteen. It deals with all the day to day operational issues of mess and canteen. Read More..
Milestone Committee
The milestone committee conducts and organises the two main events of the Institute- Milestone 34-the intra college business fest and Milestone 35- an inter college business fest Read More..
IMT N MUN - Model United Nations
About MUN: Model United Nations is a simulation of United Nations. Students take on the role of UN representatives and members of other international bodies and national cabinets and learn about the working of International politics and problem solving. Read More..
Okonomos Forum
Okonomos- Greek for Economics, is the Business and Economic forum of IMT Nagpur. Okonomos aims at promoting interest in day-to-day business happenings and inter-disciplinary interactions. Read More..
Ovia Committee
Festivals are harmonious, rich, varied and colorful. OVIA brings this vividness to the prosaic life of IMT campus. Celebrating diversity from Eid to Navratri garba raas and from Independence Day to Christmas, it brings fun and frolic at the doorstep of IMT. Read More..
Placement Committee
The Placement Committee comprises of student representatives working hard under the guidance of highly experienced faculty members and dedicated placement officers.
Read More..
The mission of the team is "Brining life to campus" and it was because of the same reason that Team Prayatna was formed.
Read More..
The Dramatics Forum means portraying all the colors of life on stage. This kala ka Kendra has again showed that it does not achieve benchmarks, It also creates them. We believe that students should undergo a holistic development and must add little color in their vibrant personality.
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Sports Committee
Through various sports events, the committee tries to develop an enthusiasm among students. It hosts two big events in each academic year- Ranbhoomi and Mahasangram. Read More..
StrategIT - IT FORUM
Strategy is an integral part of any business; so is Information Technology. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for student managers to not only study Strategy in class room Read More..
Toastmasters Club
Toastmasters is an international organisation which aims at developing public speaking and leadership skills. The purpose of the club is to help members improve their communication and learn the art of speaking, listening and thinking. Read More..
Xplohre, the HR forum of IMT-Nagpur, actuated by the 2008-10 batch has swimmingly been able to invigorate some notability to the HR department of the college. Read More..
Zimfonia- the music forum of IMT-N aims at keeping the campus vibrant and breaking the monotony of the daily lives of the students. After a day, full of assignment and projects, this forum tries to provide the student managers with a break through its various events like Karaoke night, band performance etc. Read More..