The Alumni Committee (AlCom) of IMT Nagpur works towards the Brand building of the institute in a double-direction process. It strives for the growth of Alumni Body while it also ventures for the professional build out of the student body of IMT N. It aspires to build a strong relationship between the alumni and the current students of the institute.

AlCom handles a worldwide network of IMTís Alumni, and facilitates a never ending career mapping and guidance to all its alumni. It understands the importance of IMTís flag bearers in the corporate arena and values the enthusiasm they portray. They conducts various Alumni Meets for the recreation, rejuvenation and networking of alumni. A two-day event Melange is also conducted by them which stimulates the campus full of the successful colours of bliss for the alumni. It also conducts All India Integrated Alumni Meet in various cities, for the Alumni body of IMT Ghaziabad and IMT Hyderabad, where it facilitates the furtherance and proliferation of our Alumni and their development.

AlCom also manages a separate web portal on the institute website exclusively for the Alumni, wherein they register themselves in order to keep themselves updated about the on-goings of the college, the achievements of the college and other alumni, the job openings posted by other alumni and to connect and re-connect with the college and alumni members in every possible ways.

The committee works to bridge the campus to the corporate world, for the current students at the institute. It facilitates guest lectures, mentoring, career mapping, and stream counselling sessions with the alumni. It also conducts Company specific mentor sessions with the alumni to help student managers ace through the Placement processes.