Campus Oxygen (CO2)

Campus Oxygen (CO2), a reverberating voice in the campus, is a student driven entrepreneurship which aims at providing full-fledged laundry service i.e. washing and drying to the students living away from the comforts of home and city life, while on campus. Through its services, the committee tries to relieve the students from the task of washing their clothes, thus providing them with ample time for marginally more value adding activities! CO2 also provides for hostel room delivery of a choice of newspapers and magazine services, enabling the students to stay abreast with the happenings of the outside world!

Besides laundry and newspaper, Co2 provides printing solutions which is a basic necessity of every student manager. Last minute reports to be printed before submission, print out of your resume before an interview process or an airline ticket for the airport, Co2 is IMT Nagpur's printing solution.

The business which came into existence in 2011 has consistently served the college students well by taking care of their laundry needs and this "well-washed, spic and span" legacy is one which has been carried forward since.