Corporate Communication Committee

Corporate communication committee performs pivotal role of connecting IMT Nagpur to the outside world.

The Corporate Communication Committee presents the issue of OPUS. This quarterly magazine is the students' initiative in which information about guest speakers, conferences, students' achievements, events organized by various forums and committees, and regarding Campus life in general is published. CCC also organize press conferences for a series of events throughout the year.

This team is on it's toes throughout the year. Whichever event it is, members of this committee make a sincere effort to do the pre event promotion and post event reporting. At times they are required to stay back late in the evening or sacrifice their morning sleep and rush to the guesthouse to touch base with the industry experts on campus so that they can share the learning from the interactions on the IMT website and the social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.

The entire operations of the committee are student driven; Faculty Research Associate Ms. Jasprit Kaur Bhatia, Mr. Sanjay and Shridhar from IT team provide their unconditional and spontaneous support throughout the year.

Recent Events:
Media Conclave: The event was focused on promoting greater collaboration and understanding among media, business schools and intelligentsia. Click for the press coverage of the event