Consulting at IMT Nagpur


IMT Nagpur offers consulting services to private and public sector enterprises, government establishments and Non Governmental organizations. The primary focus of these services is to improve performance efficiency of organizations and to offer actionable insights for solving their strategic, tactical and operational problems. IMT Nagpur has a team of highly competent, committed and industry trained faculty body which acts as a powerhouse for consulting activities.

While helping the organizations in dealing with their problems, the consulting assignments in IMT Nagpur are so chosen to offer enormous benefits to students and faculty in the teaching learning process - like supplying live case examples to highlight the application of theoretical models in real life situation - sharpening the critical thinking abilities of students to inquire pros and cons of different action alternatives - providing a trigger for developing research ideas and paradigms - serving as a store house of practical knowledge for writing cases and books.

The consulting services at IMT Nagpur is mission linked and are carefully chosen to augment the capabilities of faculty members in enhancing the quality of practice of management