Fee Structure


Batch 2017-19

First Year
Second Year
Installment 1
Installment 2
Installment 3
Installment 4
Installment 5
Installment 6
Admission Fees 50,000           50,000
Academic Fee 1,56,000 1,65,000 1,65,000 1,65,000 1,65,000 1,65,000 9,81,000
Life Membership of Alumni 4,000
Hospitality Charges 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 1,50,000
Caution Money (Refundable) 15,000
Total 2,50,000 1,90,000 1,90,000 1,90,000 1,90,000 1,90,000 12,00,000
Note : IMT reserves the right to revise at any stage, the tuition and other fees.

Refund Policy as per AICTE Guidelines

Vide Reference No.:- AICTE / Legal / 04(01) / 2007, April 2007

PGDM, PGDM (Finance) and PGDM (Marketing)
The candidate, who has been provisionally admitted, may request for refund of fee by submitting a written application to the Admissions Office at IMT Nagpur. Application must contain the IMT Application No, Name of the candidate, course name opted with name of campus and application must be signed by the candidate.

Request(s) sent to any office other than the admission office at IMT Nagpur will not be considered.

The cut-off date for refund for all IMT Nagpur 2 year PGDM programs i.e. PGDM, PGDM (Finance), PGDM (Marketing) is thursday, June 15, 2017. The refund of fee, as applicable, shall be made in due course i.e. within 4 weeks of cut-off date (June 15, 2017). Refund shall be made after deduction of the cancellation charges as shown below:

Sr. No Situation Refund

On Request received before the date of start of the academic session & seat COULD be filled by the institute on/before the cut-off date i.e. June 15, 2017

Entire fee less Rs. 1000/-*
2. On request received on/after the beginning of academic session & seat COULD be filled by the Institute on/before the cut-off date. i.e. June 15, 2017. Entire Fee less the Seat Cancellation Charges on Pro-rata basis **
3. On request received before / after the start of the academic session & seat could not be filled by the Institute. No Refund (except security deposit)

PLEASE NOTE: IMT Nagpur Academic Session Starts on 15 June 2017. This is applicable for all programs of IMT Nagpur namely PGDM, PGDM (Marketing), PGDM (Finance).

  • * Entire Amount of Security / Caution Money Deposit will be refunded to the candidate.
  • ** For Calculation of the Cancellation Charges on the pro-rata basis, one month shall be treated as one unit e.g. if the candidate cancels admission on third day i.e. within one month after the start of academic session & the seat is filled before the cut-off date then cancellation charges on pro-rata basis will be the higher amount of (Entire Fee)/12 or Rs. 1000/-.