Faculty Exchange Program: Diponegoro University (UNDIP)


Two Professors, Dr. Veena Pailwar and Dr. Raju Indukoori visited Diponegoro University (UNDIP) From 30th September, 2013 to 29th October, 2013 for a Faculty Exchange Program.

Both the professors taught students of various programs like Undergraduate, Master of Accounting, Master of Management and Doctoral. They also conducted Faculty training workshop and Seminar.

Prof. Veena Pailwar who epitomizes economics teaching and research delivered lectures on Case study in Microeconomics, Exchange Rate Regimes, How to Write & Publish Research Papers and India-Indonesia Trade: Comparative Advantages.

Whereas Prof Raju Indukoori who excels in finance research delivered lectures on the topics - Corporate Finance, Chit Funds, Investments, Chit Funds, Stock Market, Foreign Direct Investment, Perfect Teaching in Management, Participatory Notes and Money Market Instruments.

A few lines verbatim from the professors are as below:

"We had a good time with UNDIP in terms of teaching, students, faculty, administration, food, accommodation, transportation, Honorarium payment. It was quite surprising to see that being one of the high dense, populated and growing economies, Indonesia is almost stress free with rich culture, tradition and language diversity. In fact the culture in Indonesia is Indian culture which got diluted in India due to economic growth, IT revolution and American cultural influence but well preserved in Indonesia. I could see happy people with smiling faces, helping nature and good attitude towards others. I couldn't see a single person in Indonesia who is selfish, lying, fighting and unhappy. 'Maatru Devo Bhava', Pitru Devo Bhava', 'Achaarya Devo Bhava' and 'Athidi Devo Bhava' are well applied in Indonesia. I think our students will learn more and polish their personalities with their student exchange program with UNDIP.