Milestone 34 – Glocal Quest

The Milestone Committee of Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur recently conducted an intra-college festival M34, themed ‘Glocal-Quest’. It was a five day event where the students made Eight teams of about 25 members each to participate in various events designed to displaying the versatile talents of the teams. The healthy spirit and enthusiasm of all the members showed in their hard work. The events not only included showing the creativity through dance, banners and acting, but also their quick responsiveness and smartness through the quizzes and games conducted by the all the academic forums.

The first day started with the inauguration of the festival by faculty members including Dr. V Ekkirala, Dr. Pradeep Mazumdar, Dr. Saleena Khan and Dr. Kapil Chaturvedi. The ceremony was followed by games conducted by Quizwiser and Okonomos. Later the same day, there was a cricket match held between the teams.

A promotional run was conducted on the second day where members from each team had to capture spots around the campus for the promotion of their teams where their zeal attracted a lot of audience. An ice breaker play topic was given to each team beforehand which was performed on this day. Apart from that, nukkad natak which mostly displayed the social causes faced by the modern day society was held. The forums that conducted games on this day were StrategIT, CSGD and Finaholics.

On the third day of the fest, Dance off was the main attraction. All the teams brought their best dancers forward to compete with the other teams’ participants. Marque and Cyclops also conducted a series of forum games that day.

Coming towards the end of the fest, day four still didn’t exhaust the spirit of the teams where the evening glowed with the ramp that was set for the Fashion Parade. Some of the teams even exhibited social issues through the same. There was then, a group dance competition conducted where the students of IMT lighted up the dance floor with their vibrant moves and coordination. The day came to an end with a DJ night with all the students (participants as well as non-participants) engrossed in the music, danced to the tunes of hit songs.

As the last day of the fest arrived, the forums including XploHRe, Envision and Literati judged the students on the basis of their respective games.