Shri Mahendra Nath Memorial Lecture 2016 at IMT-N

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur on the 15th of September 2016 organised Shri Mahendra Nath Memorial Lecture to commemorate the anniversary of the Founder Chairman of the IMT group, Late Shri Mahendra Nath. Mr Ashwin Sanghi, eminent author and orator, was the keynote speaker while Mr Premchand Palety, Chief Executive and Founder, C Fore. He talked on entrepreneurship and business intelligence stating – “Marketing is all about knowing your product”. He further shared his own experiences as an entrepreneur.

Dr Jitendra Sharma (Dean, Academics) introduced the guests and inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the lamp. He explained how Late Shri Mahendra Nath was ahead of his times and also explained the importance of celebrating his vision behind starting an institution like IMT. Mr Premchand Palety enlightened the students with his experience and expertise on the field of varied topics ranging from entrepreneurship to discussing business intelligence and marketing manoeuvres in product campaigning. Mr Ashwin Sanghi, author of the famous books such as Chanakya’s Chant and more recently his renowned work “13 steps to Bloody Good Luck”, shared stories and anecdotes on how to be successful despite failures coming in one’s path quoting, “The problem with winning the rat race is that you are still a rat”. Mr Sanghi further interested the students with the concept of 3R’s – Raise, Recognise and Respond, which he mentioned as the fundamental factors for building your “Own Bloody Good Luck”. Mr Ashwin Sanghi’s motivating speech was followed up by the award ceremony where the best students across various specializations were given scholarships. 6 students were awarded Merit-cum-Means Scholarships and 5 students were given Merit based scholarships, some of the students being Soumya Ranjan Mishra, Nivedita Pandey, Abhinav Tyagi, Pallavi Mandhyan and Pushkar Anil Bhave. The event formally concluded with a formal Vote of Thanks by Dr K Nilakantan (Associate Dean, Research and PhD Committee). Students, staff members and all the faculty members contributed towards the grand success of the event under the guidance of Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Director, IMT Nagpur.