Concord - A Management Fiesta

Concord, the management Olympics held its pilot edition this year. The event started with a short motivational speech by Prof. Hanish Rajpal, the faculty in charge of Concord wherein he urged the participants to give their best efforts and compete with true sportsmanship spirit. This event took place in the campus for 3 days from 8th January to 10th January wherein the participants competed in various forum games evaluating their analytical, conceptual and innovative thinking.

The day 1 started with a guest lecture by Ms. Manika Prem Singh, an Economist and founder of Orbis Economics. She enlightened the student managers on the road blocks that lie ahead on the future Indian corporate market.

The games for the day 1 were conducted by Okonomos, exploHRe, Marque, Finaholics, Cyclops and StrategIT (the economics, Human Resource, marketing, finance, operations and IT forums of the college respectively). The games tested the student managers on various parameters like their economic prowess, personnel management skills, creative and innovative marketing abilities, financial acumen, IT knowledge and operational concepts.

Mr. Ramees Mohammed alumnus of IMT-Nagpur and Human Resource (HR) business partner in Great-West Financial signaled the start of day 2 for concord. He touched upon the practical aspects of HR in today's corporate world and guided the future managers on how they could apply those theories in practical world. Marque challenged the student managers on the tactics of 'Guerrilla Marketing', Finaholics made sure the participating teams maximizes their profits and Okonomos judged the concepts of business and economics while StrategIT assessed the teams on their strategy making skills.

The Marketing and Operations forum, Marque and Cyclops, teamed up to organize a lecture on "Operations in FMCG" by Mr. Shayam Laddha, CEO of Valsad Distict Cooperative, Nagpur, and Mr. Rohan Jain, Branch Manager, Amul Nagpur. It was a power-packed session where the students interacted with the guests on various topics related to operations and on Amul as a company.

Day 3 kicked off with games from xploHRe, wherein the participants were evaluated on the core Human Resource concept of designing and studying the culture of an organization. Also, Cyclops evaluated the student managers on the concept on supply chain management of operations stream.

Further, the day proceeded with a guest lecture by Mr. Kirti Mishra, freelance strategist and integrator who spoke on the various rural strategic programs which took place in the past decade which changed the scenario of the rural marketing world and defined new horizons for the unexplored scope it possesses. There was an interesting parliamentary discussion organized by Finance forum which discussed the modern financial tools and its impact on the global financial world. Team SplitEarthians from Welingkar School were the first runner-up whereas Team RedCross from IMT Nagpur conquered the first position. The event ended on a high note with the students taking with them some new management mantras and experiences which will help them in their future endeavors.

Students discussing strategies during a game Students discussing strategies during a game

Students discussing strategies during a game Professor Vinod Kumar and Professor Kapil Chaturvedi Judging a game

Students discussing strategies during a game Students engaged in a game

Students discussing strategies during a game Guest Lecture session by Mr. Kirti Mishra

Students discussing strategies during a game Mr. Kirti Mishra with the students of IMT Nagpur

Students discussing strategies during a game Professor Gajavelli V S presenting the awards to the students

Students discussing strategies during a game Mr Rohan Jain (Left) and Mr. Shyam Laddha (Right) delivering a guest lecture during the event

Students discussing strategies during a game Ms. Manika Prem Singh delivering the opening guest lecture on growing economy