4th International Conference on Sustainability and Management Strategy

September 4-5, 2015

Institute of Management Technology Nagpur had organized 4th International Conference on Sustainability and Management Strategy (ICSMS 2015) under the patronage of its Centre of Excellence - Centre for Sustainability, Growth and Development (CSGD) spanning across two days September 4-5, 2015.

The first day of the conference started with inaugural session comprising lighting of lamp and Saraswati Vandana. Dr. Gajavelli V S, Conference Chair, started the session with a Welcome Address, followed by the Inaugural Address given by Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Director, IMT Nagpur. Dr. Abhishek N. Singh (IMT-N) introduced the keynote speakers and welcomed the guests and participants of the ICSMS 2015.

The inaugural ceremony included various keynote addresses by the speakers. Topic of the address and a brief profile of keynote speakers are as follows: Keynote Address 1: "Financial Inclusion" by Mr.Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ekgaon, One-Village-One-World Network, New Delhi.

Keynote Address 2: "Innovation: Is It a Strategy?" by Mr. Dinesh K. Pillai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mahindra Special Services Group (SSG), Mumbai.

Keynote Address 3: "Environment and Sustainable Development" by Prof. P S Dutt, Chief Scientist - Council of Scientific & Industrial Research - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-NEERI), Nagpur.

The day further progressed with parallel Track Sessions wherein conference participants presented their research work. The conference witnessed around 60 participants comprising of various researchers/scholars from management institutes, officials from government organizations, representatives from NGOs, and people from industry. Themes of the first day track sessions included: Sustainability Practices and Business Strategy; and Sustainability and Environment Management. Highlights of some of the works presented include: Competitive Advantage through Good Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in the ICT Industry; CSR Policies to Increase Corporate-Community Consistency; Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for a Campus (JUET, Guna); Open Innovation, and Role of Terrace Garden in Sustainability and Environment, among others.

The first day of the conference also included a Brainstorming Session on Sustainability Networking hosted by the Centre for Sustainability, Growth and Development (CSGD), a Centre of Excellence at IMT Nagpur. The panel members for the session were Dr. Gajavelli V S, Prof. P S Dutt, Dr. C V Chalapathi Rao, Dr. Vinod Kumar, and Dr. Abhishek Narain Singh along with the conference participants. Various collaborative opportunities and areas of joint work were explored during the session. The day came to end with a cultural event organized by student managers of CSGD, IMT-N which included various events, such as: Nukkad Naatak, Bharatanatyam, Semi-classical dance performances, song and poem recitation, followed by conference dinner hosted at IMT-N.

The second day of the ICSMS 2015 began with a Plenary Session wherein keynote address where made by invited speakers.

Dr. C V ChalapthiRao, Former Chief Scientist - Council of Scientific& Industrial Research - National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (CSIR - NEERI) shared his thoughts on "Bio Mimicry and Sustainable Development". Further, the second speaker, Dr. Breena Coats, Professor and Chairman-Management Studies, California State University San Bernardino-USA addressed the conference on "Embedding Sustainability and CSR into SCM: The Leadership Challenge" through a video recorded talk.

The day witnessed four parallel Track Sessions on the Themes of: Sustainable Marketing; Sustainable Financial Performance and Economic Development; Sustainability and Environment Management; and Sustainability Practices and Business Strategy. Various interesting research papers and case studies were presented by the participants that encouraged fruitful discussion; feedbacks were given by the session chairs and other conference participants. Some of the interesting works include: Green Packaging of Food Products; Brand Sustainability through CSR; Pros and Cons of Social Advertising; Purchase Intention towards Green Products of Younger Consumers; Embracing Sustainability through HR Practices; Economic Growth and Environmental Stability at Equilibrium; Sustainability of Environmentally Sound Technologies Using Interpretive Structural Modeling; Management of CPRs and Institutional Framework; Sustainability Reporting Practices; Green HR Initiatives; Status of Logistics Infrastructure in India; and Role of SMEs in India's Exports Sustainability

The Valedictory Session of the two day conference included a Valedictory Address on "Tools and Strategies for Sustainable Development" by Dr. C V Chalapthi Rao, Former Chief Scientist - CSIR - NEERI. Followed by this, the Best Paper Awards were given to the paper presenters in each of the six tracks. The two day event came to the conclusion by certificate distribution followed by a Vote of Thanks and a pledge for adopting sustainable practices in our daily practices and various walks of life.

The success of the conference was covered by print (leading newspapers) as well as electronic media. Few links of the online coverage of ICSMS 2015 can be followed as:

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