A decade and a year after Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur had actuated its journey with mere 100-odd students; the proud gates of the institution welcomed its 360 strong, 12th batch of prospective future business leaders of the world. IMT Nagpur has swiftly and successfully hustled its way to be ranked among the top twenty B-schools of the country.

The PGDM program chairperson, Professor Sayan Banerjee, addressed the newly arrived students, discussing the brand that had become of IMT and what the future and current demands and trends of the corporate world were, thus commencing the inauguration. The Director, Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, in his address sensitized the students about the academic rigour to be maintained at the institute. He advised students to set priorities in their campus life appropriately so that they could best utilise these two years on campus life by re-inventing themselves in academic and extra-curricular activities. He spoke to them about the importance of management education and cited the success stories of various alumni. Dr. Rajnandan Patnaik, Associate Dean in his address explained how a Business School was not about getting just a degree, a job, or about fitting well in one's family business, but it was about achieving a larger objective.

During the ten-day orientation program various sessions on Evolution of Management Thought, Personality Development, Perspectives of Doing Business, as also pedagogical tools like Case Learning Methods were conducted by the in-house faculty members. Eminent persons from different fields of industry also addressed the students. A professional team was engaged in conducting day-long outbound program for the new batch.