IMT Nagpur Organizes
Model United Nations 2015
2nd National Level Youth Conference held (September 26-27, 2015)

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur (IMT-N) held a two day Model United Nations (IMT-N MUN 2015), a national level youth conference, to be held on Sept. 26 and 27, 2015. IMT-N MUN 2015 will see student delegates from across the country discussing and debating over varied global and national issues.

This will be the second MUN to be conducted by IMT-N. The first MUN was conducted last year on Sep 27 and 28, 2014 and had nearly 300 student delegates from all over the country. Similar number of participants is expected to be present this year as well. Prof. Hanish Rajpal and Dr. Jagannath Mohanty are the faculty guides under the overall direction of Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Director, IMT Nagpur.

IMT-N MUN is the result of combined efforts from the students and faculty. The conference aims to bring young and intellectual minds together to foster the learning towards the pressing issues the world faces currently. Participants take on the roles of diplomats, research a country, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to global problems. In this way, the conference raises the level of understanding of the current global and national problems and adds immense value to the delegates. The conference also provides an excellent platform for the participants to build networks and interact with intellectual young minds in the country.

At a time when the our country and world are witnessing huge changes in economical, political and environmental fronts, conferences like IMT-N MUN play a great role in developing young minds to tackle larger problems. IMT-N MUN, 2015 will have five core committees viz. UN Global Compact, UN Security Council, Indian Cabinet, Joint Crisis Committee, and FIFA Congress. The agendas include 'prevention of future economic crisis like 2008, through sustainable supply chain management', 'tackling issues of fundamentalist terrorism with special focus on Boko Haram and ISIS', and 'reviewing the working of Indian constitution reforms for driving India into the 21st century' among others. The event will have an experienced executive board to conduct the proceedings of the core committees in a meaningful way.

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