Task Force on Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management


The Present-day-economy is characterized by an abundance of uncertainty. That is why, the economists opine that the only certainty prevailing in the current economy is uncertainty. Continuous innovation, it seems, has been the only prescription for survival & staying afloat in such-a-scenario. It calls for creation of so called "knowledge creating" organizations, whose hallmarks would be rapid adjustment of policies & strategies so as to able to respond quickly to the progress/edge of competitors & hence meet, if not surpass, the expectations of the customers/shareholders.

Information Technology (IT) has been the medium responsible for transforming business outlook over the past few decades. Faster & cheaper are the co ordinates of the epicenter through which the IT/computer industry had revolved over years. Computational Intelligence (CI), of late, has emerged as a viable alternative to statistical & econometric approaches & has found applications to a wide range of applications encompassing economics & finance e.g. price forecasting, market efficiency etc. The solutions designed to address the aforesaid challenge are two fold : Business Intelligence (involving structured data management) & Knowledge Management (involving unstructured content management).

Business Intelligence (BI) has a very important role to play in Knowledge Management (KM); in fact, BI is often viewed as a subset of KM. BI deals with explicit knowledge whereas KM is associated with both tacit & explicit knowledge. Hence it would be of immense help for any organization to work with both. However, the importance of the integration of the two has been a bit underrated.

The TF would act as a bridge between KM & BI. It would endeavor to highlight the benefits associated out of the integration of KM & BI. The TF would be working amongst both the academic and business community. Towards that the 2010 (& subsequent) International Conference on Information Technology & Business Intelligence (ITBI10), technically sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, would be the flagship event of the proposed TF. If feasible (financially &/or otherwise), it intends to organize events during SSCI-2013 as well as Panel etc. during SSCI-2011 of IEEE Computational Intelligence Society.